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Mobile Banking Fraud Case

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

A top-tier Kenyan bank recently turned to Cyber & Digital Forensics to help solve a mobile banking fraud case whose only evidence was an encrypted Android smartphone left behind by a suspect as he fled arrest.

Fraud investigations

The bank was made aware of the crime by a customer who, after receiving a text message from their mobile phone provider regarding a SIM card replacement they had never requested, suspected their identity had been stolen. The Anti-Fraud Department began monitoring the account and two days later the suspect attempted to make a transaction via the bank's mobile platform. This request was denied and the suspect was asked to visit the nearest bank branch to resolve the issue.

At the bank the representative serving him received a message in their system asking them to alert security immediately, but, the suspect fled the scene upon realising he was about to be caught. Fortunately, in the confusion, the man left an Android smartphone on the table which security officials confiscated to examine. However, they were unable to access the critical information needed to crack the case because the messaging, banking and photo gallery applications were all encrypted.

The bank reached out to Cyber & Digital Forensics and within hours of receiving the phone, our expert team had extracted password protected WhatsApp chats, messages, phone call logs and photos. They also conducted an analysis of the extracted data and generated a report that was sent back to the bank, all within the same day.

The smoking gun that blew the case wide open were the images depicting the customer's stolen details and banking activity. Also discovered were phone calls and text messages between the suspect and another individual who had sent him the details originally. Armed with this evidence the bank was able to zero in on not only the suspect but also various accomplices who had previously escaped capture.

About Cyber & Digital Forensics

Cyber & Digital Forensics offer outsourced forensic investigation services in the areas of computer and removable media forensics, mobile phone forensics, expert witness testimony, e-discovery and data recovery, in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York and Nairobi.

It is a British company with a global presence that has developed a range of innovative digital data-based solutions for military, intelligence agencies, enterprises and law enforcement. Predominantly focused on rapid data acquisition and instant, automated analysis, we create solutions for both field-based overt and covert operations, as well as for digital forensic laboratories and high-tech crime units.

We also provide fully accredited training courses around the world, led by an experienced professional services team made up of former military and law enforcement officers, and a highly competent network of accredited partners who strategically distribute our products across the globe.


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