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Computer investigation packages
Computer forensics investigator

As soon as you switch on a digital device, a footprint is left. The purpose of computer forensics is to uncover this trail. 

More data is retained on digital media that most people realise. Extracting and examining this information in a forensically-sound manner is critical to the detection and prevention of crime and often provides the evidence needed to solve a case.   




Desktops, laptops and removable media can hold a wealth of information 

essential to a computer investigation. Following the Cyber & Digital Forensics 4-Stage Process, our investigators use specialist software to delve deep into this data, helping identify extortion and fraud, data breaches, inappropriate user activity and more.


We are experienced in handling large volumes of multi-channel computer evidence and can extract both live and deleted data. Our team is fully accredited to ISO9001 standards and ACPO Guidelines.


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Discover the package that best matches your computer investigation needs.  

Uncover the last 7 days of online activity, including internet history and searches
Uncover the last 7 days of messages, including email correspondence and WhatsApp and Skype messages
Uncover the last 30 days of online activity and messages
Advanced hash and keyword analysis conducted to identify pertinent evidence on the digital device
Uncover the last 90 days of online activity and messages
Recover deleted files, Recycle Bin items, usernames and passwords
Identify password protected containers
Uncover all data, including usernames and passwords, deleted files, folders and messages, and all contacts 
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Can't find the package necessary for your digital investigation? Then Cyber & Digital Forensics will work with you to design a bespoke solution. 

Whether civil, criminal or corporate, we can assist with any type of inquiry, and our industry-leading software can acquire information across a vast spectrum of devices. 


Get in touch for free, impartial advice from one of our digital forensics experts. 




Cyber & Digital Forensics is a qualified digital investigation organisation that works to ISO9001 standards and ACPO Guidelines. We

are also working towards a fully ISO 17025:2017 accredited forensics laboratory.  


We hold the following accreditations:

ISO 9001
We work with Innovate UK
Cyber Essentials
Tech UK
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