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Digital forensic investigator



Based in the UK, Cyber & Digital Forensics are your local partner with an international presence and we are here to assist with every aspect of your digital investigation.


Once you've purchased a package, simply drop the exhibit you would like analysed into one of our walk-in centres or contact our digital forensics investigators directlyWe have dozens of labs worldwide and we're expanding rapidly. Then, our expert team, led by Senior Digital Investigator Trevor Wooding, will image the device whilst you wait and provide you with an estimated timeline for a complete analysis. 

Trevor Wooding - Senior Digital Investigator


Embedded in digital forensics for over 16 years, Trevor has worked as a Digital Forensic Analyst and HTCU Manager for both the private and public sector and acted as an expert witness for the Crown and for defence in a number of major criminal investigations.

Currently spearheading the implementation of automated object recognition within an industry-leading digital forensics platform, he is fully certified and accredited in many forensic tools, practices and processes, and has used his expertise to set up forensic labs and train UK and foreign agencies to the same standard.

Trevor is also a member of the National Forensic Validation programme, leading a national forensic validation plan for UK Law Enforcement.

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Free confidential advice and rapid incident response support.
Rapid incident response
Accredited forensic specialists
Highly accredited digital forensics experts with many years of first-hand experience.
Cyber & Digial Forensic Process
Digital investigations are carried out using recognised military-grade software built in-house.
We ensure evidential integrity
Strictly maintain best practice guidelines to ensure evidential integrity.
Digital forensics reports
Clear, concise and jargon-free reports tailored to your instructions.

Cyber & Digital Forensics is a qualified digital investigation organisation that works to ISO9001 standards and ACPO Guidelines. We are also working towards a fully ISO 17025:2017 accredited forensics laboratory.  


We hold the following accreditations:

ISO 9001
We work with Innovate UK
Cyber Essentials
Tech UK
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