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Extract Data from Damaged Evidence

Our data recovery services are conducted by accredited specialist engineers and are experts in piecing together digital evidence. Using the fastest and most efficient data collection tools, we can salvage damaged, deleted or corrupted files using methodology that is designed to adhere to ACPO Guidelines.


Digital integrity is preserved throughout the process, ensuring that all data extracted is forensically-sound and can later be relied on in court. 

Quick and cost-effective, our data recovery services are trusted by legal and commercial clients as well as private individuals. Contact Cyber & Digital Forensics for a free consultation.  

Data recovery services



Our forensic data recovery services covers many media formats and operating systems including:

Internal and external Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile phones

USB drives, SD cards, flash drives and memory sticks

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

RAID, virtual machines, partitions and servers

SD, SDHC, MicroSD and MiniSD memory cards







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Cyber & Digital Forensics is a qualified digital investigation organisation that works to ISO9001 standards and ACPO Guidelines. We

are also working towards a fully ISO 17025:2017 accredited forensics laboratory.  


We hold the following accreditations:

ISO 9001
We work with Innovate UK
Cyber Essentials
Tech UK
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