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Expert witness report
Add Value to Your Legal Case

At Cyber & Digital Forensics, our expert witness services assist with every step of the litigation process. Once we have forensically extracted and analysed the data from your exhibits, we produce the digital evidence in clear and concise reports ready for legal examination. 

Whether in a tribunal or at court, all of our digital investigators have extensive experience in presenting evidence in a way that makes complex and technical information easily understandable to all audiences. Our deep knowledge of digital forensics allows us to work to the highest standard and the facts we bring forward enable our clients to argue their case with a view to obtaining the best possible outcome.


Contact us to discuss your expert witness requirements and we’ll make sure they are fulfilled.

Expert witness services



Discover how our expert testimony can support your digital forensics case. 

Many years experience providing clear and easy-to-understand expert testimony 

Multi-disciplined in both mobile devices and computer evidence 

Able to withstand close legal scrutiny and cross-examination

Adherence to internationally recognized digital forensics techniques including the Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines (ACPO)

Free initial consultation and advice






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Cyber & Digital Forensics is a qualified digital investigation organisation that works to ISO9001 standards and ACPO Guidelines. We

are also working towards a fully ISO 17025:2017 accredited forensics laboratory.  


We hold the following accreditations:

ISO 9001
We work with Innovate UK
Cyber Essentials
Tech UK
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